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Mark Cavendish  - Tour de Force - My History Making Tour de France

Mark Cavendish - Tour de Force - My History Making Tour de France

Author: Mark Cavendish

Pages: 278 Size: 25cm x 16cm Hardback ISBN 9781529149463


'I pulled off my glasses and wiped my eyes. "That was perhaps the last race of my career..."'

Deep down, Mark Cavendish thought he was finished. After illness, setbacks and clinical depression, the once fastest man in the world had been written off by most. And at the age of 36, even he believed his explosive cycling career would fade out with a whimper. The Manxman hadn't won a single Grand Tour stage in Italy, Spain or France since 2016.

But then came his incredible resurrection at the 2021 Tour de France. Included on the Deceuninck Quick-Step team at the very last minute, only after Sam Bennett suffered an injury, Mark set about rewriting history. He claimed back the green jersey he first wore in 2011, and his four stage victories finally saw him matching Belgian legend Eddy Merckx's all-time record of 34 Tour de France stage wins. Cycling greats are never content, and Cav's dogged determination and inner strength had earned him the record that few believed he could ever achieve. This is his own intimate account of that race, right from the saddle of the miracle tour.

Mark Cavendish MBE is widely regarded as the greatest sprinter in the history of cycling and is the 'Tour de France's best sprinter of all time', according to L'Equipe.

Born and raised on the Isle of Man and having experienced early success on the track, 'Cav' joined professional road cycling team T-Mobile in 2006 as a stagiaire. During the 2008 season, he made his first big impact at the grand tours, winning two stages at the Giro d'Italia followed by four victories at the Tour de France at the age of just 22.

Following his early career success, Cav went on to dominate the sport. On the track he became Madison World Champion in 2005, 2008 and 2016 and at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio he represented Great Britain in the Omnium event, winning a silver medal.

On the road, Cav has achieved a phenomenal 52 Grand Tour stage wins, has won points jerseys at all three grand tours and in 2011 won the coveted green jersey at the Tour de France for the first time, as well as becoming UCI Road Race World Champion. His achievements led to him winning BBC Sports Personality of the Year, as well as receiving an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen.

In the summer of 2021 Cav created history - in what many have called the greatest sporting comeback of all time - by equalling Eddy Merckx's long standing record of 34 Tour de France stage wins and winning the green jersey for the second time in his career in the process. He currently rides for UCI World Team Deceuninck-Quick-Step.

Prison Governor's Journal

Prison Governor's Journal

Author: Brendan O'Friel

Pages: 256 Size: 17cm x 24cm Paperback ISBN 9781526208477


Prisons in England and Wales have weathered a succession of crises since 1947. The author considers the impact of cell overcrowding and regime destruction on both staff and prisoners. He argues that the consequential inability to reduce re-offending generates continuing threats to public safety.

Drawing on his decades of service as a Governor at various Prison's throughout the British Isles, Manxman Brendan O'Friel explores some "unanswered questions" arising from the chronic prison crises. He provides insights into life within the seven penal establishments in which he served including the "explosion of evil" (his story of the 1990 Strangeways riot).

He was involved in the formation of the Prison Governors Association in 1987 and describes the work of the Association to influence and improve penal policy and practice.

The 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic has added substantially to the prisons crisis but the author suggests it may also offer a surprising opportunity for radical change.

Born in the Isle of Man, Brendan O'Friel was educated at Stonyhurst College and Liverpool University. He joined the Prison Service in 1963 as an Assistant Governor and served at Lowdham Grange, Nottinghamshire, Manchester Prison, Onley Borstal Recall Centre, Preston Prison and Birmingham Prisons. He was appointed to take charge of Featherstone Prison, near Wolverhampton in 1980 and became Governor of Strangeways in 1986. His final command was Risley Prison near Warrington from 1990-1995. In addition, he served in a number of posts at Regional Office and Headquarters. Between 1977 and 1984, he was Chairman of the Governors representative organisation and was elected Chairman of the Prison Governors Association in 1990, a post he held until 1995. Since retirement, he has returned to live on the Isle of Man. He has been Chair of the North West Rail Passengers Committee and a founder member of Travel Watch Isle of Man.

Illustrated throughout with photographs, verse, drawings and cartoons, this book captures the realities of the prison crisis.

For the Love of Fire

For the Love of Fire

Author: Colin Kirkham

Pages: 242 Size: 15cm x 22cm Paperback ISBN 9781839756368


Murders, riots and rescues are only part of the unique memoirs shared by retired Station Officer Colin Kirkham. Destined to be an arsonist or firefighter he took the legal route to fulfill his passion to 'Dance with the Angels', collecting a lifetime of memories along the way.

This biography follows Colin's journey from probation to retirement, where he 'battles the beast' in two entirely different fire services (Tyne and Wear and the Isle of Man), whilst attending some exceptional incidients not normally encountered by firefighters. Adding an extra dimension to his career, he also spent time as a Special Constable on the Isle of Man.

Recollecting notable fire and police incidents, including a serial killer loose in the community and a devastating motorcycle crash during the TT Races, the stories are told with honesty, emotion and a good dose of humour.

Sir Frank Gill - The Unique Story of a Manx Telecommunications Pioneer

Sir Frank Gill - The Unique Story of a Manx Telecommunications Pioneer

Author: Robert Stimpson

Pages: 200 Size: 21cm x 28cm Paperback ISBN 9781911177708


This is the story of an exceptional Manxman who was born in Castletown and went on to become one of the most respected telephone engineers outside the United States. In the 1930s he was probably the highest authority on telephone engineeering throughout the world and had many honours conferred upon him by his fellow engineers. No matter what country he visited, he left it richer in the means and know-how of human intercommunications.

Gaelg as Fishig - Skeeal my vea

Gaelg as Fishig - Skeeal my vea

Author: Brian Stowell

Pages: 199 Size: 20cm x 13cm Paperback ISBN 9781912668038



Brian Stowell, more than anyone of his generation, worked tirelessly and enthusiastically for the language and the cultural identity of this country and his autobiography takes us on a journey, of not only the author's cultural and political awakening, but that of this Island nation.

Born and educated in Douglas, Brian worked as a lecturer in Physics at Liverpool John Moore University before returning to the Island in 1991 to take up the new position of Manx Language Officer with the Department of Education. The title of his autobiography, Gaelg as Fishig, reflects these two elements to his life and work: Manx and Physics.

Brian, who received the Reih Bleeaney Vanannan Award in 2008 and the Tynwald Honour Medal in 2010 for his work for the language, is sadly missed but fondly remembered by many people both here and abroad and this book is a testament to a life well lived.

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Sophia Morrison, Mona Douglas and Their Enchanted Isle

Sophia Morrison, Mona Douglas and Their Enchanted Isle

Author: Derek Winterbottom

Pages: 232 Size 25cm x 18cm Paperback ISBN 9780956754059


Sophia Morrison and Mona Douglas devoted their lives to the preservation of the Manx Gaelic language and traditional Manx life, especially the Island's folklore. Sophia's Manx Fairy Tales is still a famous book while Mona Douglas was an outstanding poet from an early age and throughout her long life also made an impact as a prolific journalist, a novelist, a collector of folklore, folk music and folk dancing and a producer of pageants and plays and organiser of many Celtic congresses and festivals. She was also a lifelong buttress of the Manx language and flag-bearer for the Manx nation. On top of all of this she found time to be a hill farmer and to conduct a long romance with a handsome Italian former internee.

This book is a short biography of Sophia and a longer one of Mona, who it claims to be the most influential Manx woman of the twentieth century

Henry Bloom Noble - A Life and Work of His Trust

Henry Bloom Noble - A Life and Work of His Trust

Author: Derek Winterbottom

Pages: 63 Size 15cm x 23cm Paperback ISBN 0954718038


Henry Bloom Noble is still easily the Isle of Man's most generous benefactor. He came to the Island from Cumberland in 1835 at the age of nineteen with few possessions, yet in the 1860s he was considered the richest man in Douglas. In 1903 he died a widowerer without children and left nearly all his money and estate for charitable purposes.

As a resuult, his trustees were able to finance a new hospital in Douglas, St Ninian's Church, Noble's Park and Noble's Baths, and a cottage hospital in Ramsey. This account traces the often contoversial story of how Noble became rich and how his trustees spent his money after his death.

The Anglo-Manxman: A Life of A.W.Moore

The Anglo-Manxman: A Life of A.W.Moore

Author: Robert Fyson

Pages: 176 Size 18cm x 24cm Paperback ISBN 9780956206428


Although he died at the early age of 56, Moore was a lifelong whirlwind of energy. Born in 1853, the heir to Moore’s sailcloth works at Tromode and to the grand house of Cronkbourne, he had extensive connections in London’s high society and was educated at Rugby and Cambridge. It’s this side of his life which has led Robert Fyson to choose the title The Anglo-Manxman, but despite his cosmopolitan background and indefatigable travelling, Moore chose to base his life in the Isle of Man.

He became not only Speaker of the House of Keys but also an extraordinarily prolific author on Manx subjects, and was involved in numerous aspects of local life. As well as history he wrote on Manx folklore, climate, archaeology, place names, ballads and music as well as producing an Anglo-Manx dictionary, and a history of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Meanwhile his travels took him frequently to Europe, and as far afield as Egypt and the Holy Land in the east and the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean in the west.

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