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Isle of Man Road Racing & Motorsport

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Motorcycles, Mates and Memories: Recalling Sixty Years of Fun in British Motorcycle Sport

Motorcycles, Mates and Memories: Recalling Sixty Years of Fun in British Motorcycle Sport

Author: Bill Snelling

Pages: 160 Size:21cm x 15cm Paperback ISBN 9781787115811


Bill Snelling reflects on his lifetime passion for two-wheeling in this entertaining, motorcycle-themed autobiography. He recalls the decades of motorcycling mayhem, mud and madness that have characterised his 70-odd years iliving the dream, from the early days at Arthur Lavington's Velo shop to pounding the long-distance trials and the many race circuits he has ridden. Bill admits he was better off-road than on tarmac, but, he did win one race! He went on to work for Motorcycle Sport magazine, and as a despatch rider, before moving permanently to the Isle of Man. A great read for anyone interested in British motorcycle sports.

Author Biography: Bill Snelling was unexpectedly born in Tunbridge Wells to a Maidstone family for whom a motorcycle combination was a way of life. He went to work at Arthur Lavington's Velo shop at the age of 15, getting a thorough grounding in all things Veloce, including the LE (which he hated!). Bill rode long-distance trails (mainly on Velo) with a fair degree of success, then branched into racing, also Velo-mounted. Bill has now written several books on the TT, worked as a columnist for Motorcycle Weekly, and is a photo archivist and TT/MGP historian. He has lived on the Isle of Man for over 40 years, is married, and tries to relive his motorcycling youth at every opportunity!

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Classic TT Racers - The Grand Prix Years 1949 - 1976

Classic TT Racers - The Grand Prix Years 1949 - 1976

Author: Gregg Pullen

Pages: 160 Size: 22cm x 26cm Hardback ISBN 9781785006296


At 10 o'clock on the twenty-eighth of May 1907 the first Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle road race began. The riders pushed off on their 500cc single cylinder bikes and ten laps and 158 miles later, Charlie Collier aboard a Matchless would be declared the victor. This book is a history and celebration of the bikes of those early years of the TT races and includes:

The events and personalities that led to the creation of the race and its challenging course

The early success of the British motorcycle manufacturers: Norton, Velocette, AJS and Matchless and their riders

The origins of the Italian Fours: Gilera and MV Agusta Quattro

The influence and reign of the Japanese manufacturers: Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki

Details of the technical developments that enabled the bikes to conquer the mountain course with world-record beating times

105 colour and 52 black & white photographs

Frank N Stan's Bucket List #4 - Bride of Frank N Stan

Frank N Stan's Bucket List #4 - Bride of Frank N Stan

Author: J C Williams

Pages: 256 Size 23cm x15cm Paperback ISBN 978170784674


Life rarely stands still when you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of loveable crackpots. Certainly, that was the case for Frank and Stan.

With their hugely successful ‘Le Mans’ TT now behind them, thoughts turned to their next adventure and, inevitably, also to the topic of their own mortality.

Still, the gang had their first Christmas at the TT Farm to look forward to, and the prospect of entering a team for the next Isle of Man TT races as well. So, on the whole, life was pretty darn good — and especially so, now that wedding bells could also be heard chiming in the distance. It seemed nothing could dampen their sprits…

Until, that is, an old cretinous, cravat-wearing acquaintance appears with an offer they simply cannot refuse, so to speak. Well, they could refuse the offer, of course. But doing so could mean losing all they’d worked so very hard to achieve and leaving them at real risk of having everything come crashing down around their ears.

There were certainly strong headwinds facing them, but Team Frank & Stan would never abandon ship and go down without a fight! And, besides, they’d always have Stella on deck, manning the canons!

Frank N Stan's Bucket List #3 - Isle 'Le Mans' TT

Frank N Stan's Bucket List #3 - Isle 'Le Mans' TT

Author: J.C.Williams

Pages: 317 Size 23cm x15cm Paperback ISBN 9781794098138


The Gang is back for another crazy adventure.

The idea of the maverick racer, Dave Quirk, winning a TT was as probable as a seaside donkey winning the Grand National....but he'd been trying to do exactly that.

An unlikely victory would also secure the TT Farm for Frank and Stan’s charity, but it was a crumbling, financial black hole and filled with asbestos. Dave and Monty quitting their jobs to work there wasn’t fantastic timing, either. The charity needed a truckload of cash, and fast.

They had to go big on their fundraising ideas, so, the Isle of Man home of the famous TT Races would play host to a twenty-four-hour racing extravaganza and they’d need a high-profile celebrity for maximum exposure. The object of Stella’s darkest desire, Guy Martin, was willing and eager to offer his services for the inaugural Isle ‘Le Mans’ TT.

They were full of good intentions, but, as usual, the path was rarely smooth for Team Frank and Stan.


Frank N Stan's Bucket List #2 - TT Races

Frank N Stan's Bucket List #2 - TT Races

Author: J.C.Williams

Pages: 369 Size 23cm x15cm Paperback ISBN 9781985302136


This is the entertaining sequel to hilarious Frank N Stan's Bucket List #1

Frank’s too busy enjoying life just now to worry about dying...

Bucket list item ?1 for Frank and his oldest friend, Stan, was the TT Races. They did it, and loved it so much, that now they’re heading back for item #2 on the list - TT Races yet again!

The fledgeling race team they’d cobbled together on their first outing despite moments of definite glory didn’t exactly thrive. But, despite this, they’ve once again secured the trusty services of Dave and Monty, the two most out of shape, yet passionate and dedicated, racers in the paddock and they’re optimistically eyeing a top ten finish.

With his unhappy marriage and wallet-draining ex-wife now firmly in the past, Frank is ready for a positive change, time and health permitting. Life in the glorious Isle of Man has rejuvenated him, and he’s now eager, in fact, to make it his home.


Frank N Stan's Bucket List #1 - TT Races

Frank N Stan's Bucket List #1 - TT Races

Author: J.C.Williams

Pages: 245 Size 23cm x15cm Paperback ISBN 9781985302136


This novel will appear to anyone with an interest in bikes, the TT Races and who has a sense of humour.

Frank’s had better days. The doctor gave him the news he didn't want and Frank's discovered the worst kept secret in Liverpool; that his wife’s fitness instructor is providing her services that extend beyond the gym.

With time a dwindling commodity, Frank decides it’s time to do something he wants to do. With a little encouragement from his oldest friend, Stan, the first destination for his ‘bucket-list’ is the Isle of Man TT Races.

They were content to just spectate, but fate had other ideas.


Who's Your Hero

Who's Your Hero

Author: Stevie Rial

Pages: 144 Size: 21cm x 14cm Paperback ISBN 9780995508194


The author, Stevie Rial, is a road racing journalist who is the Editor and Owner of Road Racing News. Over the past 8 years he has interviewed hundreds of road racers at events such as Oliver's Mount Scarborough, the Isle of Man TT Races, Southern 100 Races, Manx GP Races, Classic TT Races and at various British racing venues such as Cadwell Park. His articles have appeared in numerous racing publications and are constantly seen and appreciated everyday on sport news websites and social media platforms worldwide.

In 2018, Stevie interviewed 365 road racers with his "10 Questions Challenge." The the success of the challenge inspired this book which is a literary piece of history, a documented unique quotes anthology put together to show the world the positive side of road racing and safeguard its rich heritage, as heroes are never forgotten.

Parrish Times: My Life as a Racer

Parrish Times: My Life as a Racer

Author: Steve Parrish

Pages: 230 Size: 20cm x 13cm Paperback ISBN 9781474607315


Champion motorcyclist and truck racer, television presenter, practical joker or just plain survivor - Steve Parrish has been called them all. Parrish Times tracks Steve's amazing journey over the last four decades, through a rollercoaster ride of emotions in surely the most dangerous and exhilarating sporting arena there is. In the 1970s Steve was competing for the world motorcycle championship with legendary team mate Barry Sheene on a Suzuki. After retiring in 1986, Steve managed a successful Yamaha factory team to three British Superbike Championship titles and started a truck-racing career, becoming the most successful truck racer ever. He also proved to be a natural commentator, first for BBC radio, then transferring to television with Sky, ITV and Eurosport.

Against this backdrop are Steve's notorious pranks: posing as a medical doctor to allow John Hopkins to fly from Japan to the Australian GP; impersonating Barry Sheene in a qualifying session; owning a fire engine, a hearse, and an ambulance - parking it on double yellow lines with the doors open in visits to his local bank. It's a funny, hell-raising account of life - and death - in the fast lane that will keep readers enthralled to the end. Barry Sheene's final words to his best friend sum it up: 'Neither of us will die wondering.'

Steve provides commentary and analysis for ITV's week-long coverage of the Isle of Man TT. A qualified pilot, he is also a commentator for the Red Bull Air Race series for Channel 4. Away from television, he regularly tests various vehicles and racing machines, and is an expert witness for motor racing incidents. He has a regular back page in Fast Bikes and writes columns in other motorcycle magazines.


Road Racer - It's in My Blood

Road Racer - It's in My Blood

Author: Michael Dunlop

Pages: 287 Size: 240m x 13cm Paperback ISBN 9781782437796


Michael Dunlop is a Northern Irish professional motorcycle racer and part of a motorcycle racing dynasty. Brother of William, also an accomplished rider, son of the late Robert and nephew of the late great Joey Dunlop, Michael can fairly claim that racing is in his blood.

Now for the first time he talks in depth about his family story, how he got involved in the family business and how he manages to keep getting back on his bike despite all he knows of the deadly risks he encounters every time he crosses the start line. The death of his uncle during a competition in Estonia in 2000 was followed just eight years later by the death of his father at the North West 200. But despite these tragic losses Michael was undeterred and, two days after his father's death, he returned to the North West, and won.

The next year Michael won his first TT, joining both his father and uncle in the record books. Now with thirteen TT wins to his name Michael is a phenomenal competitor, and in this sensational autobiography he reveals the highs and lows of racing, what it was like growing up part of a motorcycle dynasty and how that made him the incredible rider he is today

That Near Death Thing: Inside the TT: The World's Most Dangerous Race.

That Near Death Thing: Inside the TT: The World's Most Dangerous Race.

Author: Rick Broadbent

Pages: 360 Size: 20cm x 13cm Paperback


The Isle of Man TT is commonly seen as the world's most dangerous motorcycle race, Rick Broadbent gets behind the scenes and into the helmets of four leading racers over the course of the 2010 and 2011 seasons. He follows the riders through the numerous vicissitudes of an average season. Ian Hutchinson is as high as they come following his clean-up at the 2010 TT, a fortnight later his leg is being rebuilt after a fellow rider rode over it and Hutchinson has to plead the case for not amputating. Conor Cummins is back after battling depression following a serious injury. Guy Martin was on the same hospital ward after breaking his back, but is now a BBC TV presenter. Bridgit Dobbs is the widow of Paul, who died in the 2010 race, and talks movingly on revisiting the race for the first time since her husband's death. This book is the final word on the Isle of Man TT

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