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Trains and Trams of the Isle of Man 1956 - 1972 DVD

Trains and Trams of the Isle of Man 1956 - 1972 DVD

Running Time: 58 minutes


The Isle of Man has a rich transport heritage which lives on to this day in which Victorian steam locomotives hauled passenger trains and Victorian tramcars. These have barely changed in appearance since they first ran, but their story has not all been plain sailing.

In the middle of the 20th century railways and trams were seen as old and obsolete and it seemed likely that both passengers and goods would turn to road transport, causing the trains and trams to disappear. Happily that was not to be! The railways (the trams running on the Manx Electric Railway and the trains on the Isle of Man Railway) reinvented themselves and became a tourist attraction in their own right after two difficult decades. Those troublesome years are the subject of this DVD, with story beginning in 1956 and continuing until the dawn of the 1970s.

In full colour archive footage this DVD shows the steam train services at their peak, serving Port Erin in the south as well as Peel and Ramsey from Douglas along the western and northern coast. Also the trams running along the eastern coast to Ramsey from Douglas and from a junction at Laxey, up to the summit of Snaefell. Rare footage includes shunting and goods traffic at St Johns in 1956, the Ramsey North line, County Donegal railcars and the Queen’s coaches.

The narrative records the history of all of these lines in those turbulent times and illustrates the last days of their independence and the period when the Marquess of Ailsa sought to reinvigorate the steam railway.

With original archive views of red and green steam locomotives and trams of many colours and, of course, the famous horse trams of Douglas Promenade which carried on regardless, these are the Trains and Trams of the Isle of Man.

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Railway Cavalcade - Unique Railways of the Isle of Man

Railway Cavalcade - Unique Railways of the Isle of Man

Author: Charles Guard

70 minutes


The Isle of Man has the most extraordinary collection of transport systems in the world. Not just the oldest surviving electric tramway and the world's only vintage horse tramway, it also has Britain's only electric mountain railway, a Victorian narrow gauge steam railway, a Victorian glen railway and a mines railway with the narrowest gauge in the British Isles which leads to the world's largest water wheel, still turning today.

With all these railways running throughout the season there's a lot to celebrate and each year the Island puts on a spectacular series of events. 2016 saw the 140th anniversary of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway as well as special transport festivals featuring travelling post offices, World War II re-enactments with military vehicles, a crashed spitfire on the mountain, musical entertainment and lots of opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy special runs on both the steam and electric systems.

This DVD covers all of the main events and gives a general background to the remarkable railways that have survived on the Isle of Man. Using the latest cameras along with drone footage, this is an intimate and remarkable record of just one year in the world's premier railway destination.

A Journey on the Snaefell Mountain Railway

A Journey on the Snaefell Mountain Railway

75 minutes


A Journey on The Snaefell Mountain Railway takes you up and down the mountain in an hour. This fabulous DVD gives a glimpse of the Victorian fascination with rail systems, which expanded the tourist industry and carried millions at their peak. With five cameras mounted on board our single car tram, the journey gives a glimpse of the industrial past of the valley of the river Laxey as you make your ascent. The Laxey Wheel can be glimpsed across the valley and used to drain water from the mines which extend for some distance, and supplied lead and zinc for export. Around half way is Bungalow Station, set beside the world-famous TT motor-cycle racing course, and marks the beginning of spectacular views of the west side of the island and the Irish Sea.

A Journey on the Snaefell Mountain Railway DVD carries an interesting and informative commentary, pointing out areas of interest seen from the tram whilst explaining the history of the line. If you'd prefer to hear just the sound of the tram, the narration can be switched off. A Journey on the Snaefell Mountain Railway is a fascinating trip to the top of the Isle of Man, and is a must for any railway enthusiast.


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