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Showroom Condition 1960 - 1980 - An Automotive History Through the Lenses of Manx Press Pictures.

Showroom Condition 1960 - 1980 - An Automotive History Through the Lenses of Manx Press Pictures.

Author: Steve Jackson

Pages:160 Size: 21cm x 21cm Paperback ISBN 9781911177128


Showroom Condition takes you back to the cars that you owned, the cars you wished you had owned, and cars that you wish you hadn't!

Featuring 173 images of period advertising, launch parties and publicity shots, the island's garage showrooms, sporting action and motor shows, brief marque histories for 31 manufacturers from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen alongside additional images of exotica such as Lamborghini and Rolls Royce.

Manx Press Pictures cameramen not only shot at locations throught the Isle of Man but also covered events such as Earls Court and the Welsh Rally.

Remember the classic vehicles of the period together with nostalgic shots of garage showrooms such as Athol Garage, E B Christian's, Island Garages , J R Moore's, Mylchreest Motors, W H Shimmin and Westminster Motors

P50 -  Peel Engineering's Extraordinary Legacy

P50 - Peel Engineering's Extraordinary Legacy

Author: Barry Edwards

Pasges: 96 Size: 21cm x 21cm Paperback ISBN 9781907945762


All the way from inception to its modern legacy, the author explores the many inventions of Peel Engineering and celebrates the ingenuity of one of its prominent inventors: Cyril Cannell. The P50, the world's smallest production car. is only one of the many designs that have made Peel Engineering's story so extraordinary. This book looks at the development of ideas and inventions, such as bike fairings, Cannell's patented monorail, and Peel Engineering's innovative use of fibreglass, Readers will also discover some first- hand accounts of Peel P50 and Trident owners' adventures in these wonderful cars.

Buses of the Isle of Man 1945 - Present Day

Buses of the Isle of Man 1945 - Present Day

Author: Richard Davis

Pages: 96 Size: 21cm x 30cm Paperback ISBN 9781899602544



This pictorial style book presents a collation of interesting and unusual photographs (many previously unpublished) of the Isle of Man's two major bus operators, Isle of Man Road Services and Douglas Corporation Transport between 1945 and the present day. The accompanying text describes this fascinating period with some occasional insights into the author's own involvement with the buses over many years.

Douglas Corporation Buses In Pictures - Centenary Edition

Douglas Corporation Buses In Pictures - Centenary Edition

Author: Riichard Davis

Pages: 96 Size: 22cm x 25cm Paperback ISBN 9781907945748


***SPECIAL OFFER - RRP: £16.00***

Specially commissioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Douglas Corporation buses, this volume by well known local historian and author Richard Davis, tells the story of Douglas buses from their inauguration in 1914 up to nationalisation in 1976 and beyond. Using many previously unpublished photographs from both his own collection and others, he tells the story of the Corporation fleet, describing the vehicles on a class by class basis and revealing insights into the often unique and unusual buses that once gave Douglas an enviable reputation as an unparalleled attraction for transport enthusiasts from far and wide.

Born and brought up in Douglas, the author has been involved with buses over many years as a preservationist and vehicle restorer and he shares his fascination with the buses of Douglas and shows why they were once the subject of so much civic pride and affection.

A donation from the sale of this book will be made to the Manx Transport Enthusiasts Association, a local charity established for the purpose of restoring and maintaining a collection of vintage buses on the Isle of Man

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