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P50 -  Peel Engineering's Extraordinary Legacy

P50 - Peel Engineering's Extraordinary Legacy

Author: Barry Edwards

Pasges: 96 Size: 21cm x 21cm Paperback ISBN 9781907945762


All the way from inception to its modern legacy, the author explores the many inventions of Peel Engineering and celebrates the ingenuity of one of its prominent inventors: Cyril Cannell. The P50, the world's smallest production car. is only one of the many designs that have made Peel Engineering's story so extraordinary. This book looks at the development of ideas and inventions, such as bike fairings, Cannell's patented monorail, and Peel Engineering's innovative use of fibreglass, Readers will also discover some first- hand accounts of Peel P50 and Trident owners' adventures in these wonderful cars.

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