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Coins of the Isle of Man (3rd Edition)

Coins of the Isle of Man (3rd Edition)

Author: Mike Southall

Pages: 484 Size: 29cm x 21cm Paperback ISBN 978995738720



This 3rd edition makes compelling reading and is a most useful reference work for anyone with the slightest interest in the coins of the Isle of Man.

The publication contains a comprehensive history of coins used in the Isle of Man and is a definitive study of the Manx decimal coins that have been in circulation since 1971.

Nearly everyone handles money on most days of the year, but how many people really look at the coins in their change? The variety of coins circulating in the Isle of Man is quite surprising. A recent survey has shown that British coins, with their all too familiar designs, make up a high proportion of the coins given in change. By contrast, the Island's coins reveal many diverse aspects of Manx life, history and culture.

The author, Mike Southall, acquired his interest in coins of the Isle of Man when the new decimal series were issued in 1971. This reference work has taken many years to compile and lists all known types of decimal coins that have been issued by the Isle of Man Treasury since decimalisation. Adding further interest, the die marks, mint marks, provenance marks etc found on the 1979 - 2016 Manx decimal coins are also included. Also, there is a section listing the non-circulating precious metal and bullion coins.

The history of coins used in the Isle of Man is narrated in other sections of the book. Fascinating aspects, including many Viking hoards to mishmash of coins and tokens used in the 17th century are well documented.

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Isle of Man - Men and Gods

Isle of Man - Men and Gods

Author: John & Lottie Christian

Pages: 258 Size: 15cm x 21cm Paperback ISBN 9781911177111


This is an intriguing Isle of Man philosophical novel about the tenacity, resilience, vengeance and empathy of mankind in an ever-changing world, as well as, how political and religious revisionism may have impacted and influenced civilisations throughout the ages.

Two intertwined stories containing vivid dream sequences and sensual poetry make this novel one that is sure to captivate your imagination and show how love and understanding can transcend the hands of time.

Eyes of Mann - The Island From Above

Eyes of Mann - The Island From Above

Author: Text: Charles Guard Editor: Miles Cowsill Drone Pilot: Glenn Whorrall

Pages: 160 Size: 30cm x 21cm Hardback ISBN 9781911177395



This book presents a unique record of our intriguing Island with a stunning collection of photographs of the Isle of Man using the latest drone technology. It also features the Island's towns and villages as well as our historic landscape and industrial past.

The drone is able to visit remote places that are difficult to access, such as the abandoned mines at the back of Bradda Head. Flying over the towns, the drone reveals street layouts, hidden areas and, in Douglas, the dazzling array of Victorian terraces, something only really visible from the air.

All pictures are complemented with captions for each view with supporting text by local historian and broadcaster, Charles Guard.

Made in Summerland

Made in Summerland

Author: Ruth McQuillan-Wilson

Pages: 228 Size: 21cm x 15cm Paperback ISBN 9781907945892


The author, a Summerland survivor, tells her story through a vivid and evocative examination of events.

This fresh look at the disaster that befell the Isle of Man's most modern holiday complex in 1973 not only sheds new light, but also uncovers many unanswered questions. Some of these questions, particularly about the suitablility of untested modern building materials, have a surprising resonance with more recent events.

Coins of the Isle of Man (2nd Edition)

Coins of the Isle of Man (2nd Edition)

Author: Mike Southall

Pages: 466 Size: 30cm x 21cm Paperback ISBN 9780995738706


This second edition (published April 2017) is a comprehensive reference work of the coins and tokens used and issued in the Isle of Man from earliest times to the present day and is a most useful reference work for anyone with an interest in the island's coins.

The author, Mike Southall, acquired his interest in coins in the Isle of Man when the new decimal series was issued in 1971 . The first offical Manx coins, halfpennies and pennies were issued by the Lord of Mann, James Stanley 10th Earl of Derby, and were made legal tender by an Act of Tynwald on 24th June 1710. Manx coins and a variety of tokens were circulating on the Island until 1939. Thereafter British coins became the only legal currency until decimalisation in February 1971. Also well documented are many Viking hoards together with a mishmash of coins and tokens used in the 17th century.

Mann with Altitude

Mann with Altitude

Author: Jon Wornham

Pages: 32 Size: 21cm x 21cm Paperback ISBN 9781908060150


Looking down on the world we live in gives us a totally new perspective. The familiar look strange, large becomes tiny, and hidden corners are revealed.

Who for instance has seen that Ballachurry Fort was the shape it is? Who has peered in to the old polar bear cage at Groudle? Who has viewed the blunt prow which is the Point of Ayre?

Expert drone operator and former air traffic controller Jon Wornham opens a window onto the aspect of Mann that most people never see.

Visions of Mann 2nd Edition

Visions of Mann 2nd Edition

Author: Miles Cowsill, Vicky Harrop and Stan Basnett

Pages: 168 Size: 26cm x 28cm Hardback ISBN 9781907945830


Visions of Mann is a tour of the Isle of Man made through striking colour images and enlightening captions and so making it a book to be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the Isle of Man. The book gives the reader a glimpse into why the Isle of Man continues to be such a draw for visitors, new residents and an international business community.

This revised second edition is a chance to see the Isle of Man as you've never seen it before. There are also examples of the immortal words of Manx national poet TE Brown, the work of WH Gill (known for the Manx National Songbook) and others who, over the decades,have captured the spirit of the place in Manx songs and poems.

This beautiful book is also popular as a gift for business clients visiting the Island.

Three Legs In the Irish Sea

Three Legs In the Irish Sea

Author: Trevor Barrett and Simon Park

Pages: 168 Size: 26cm x 23cm Paperback ISBN 9781907945847


This beautifully produced book is an intriguing combination of photographs, history, conspiracy theories and trivia of the Isle of Man.

Sites and Stories

Sites and Stories

Author: Sara Goodwins

Pages: 108 Size; 17cm x 24cm Paperback ISBN 9781908060082


Fact or fiction? Most of us read a little of both

This book takes a dozen of the many attractions around the Isle of Man, sets a short story in each of them, and follows the fiction with some factual information about the attraction. Twelve attractions, twelve chapters, twelve stories, twelve sets of information.

So, if you want to know about the oldests working horse tram in the world, the most complete mediaeval castle in Europe, a Victorian House unchanged since its owners left it and a monument to a Liverpool safe maker, read on.

Alternatively, if you prefer to read a crime story, romance, ghost story or science fiction then they're here too.

Something for everyone!

The Manx Garden

The Manx Garden

Author: Larch Garrad

Pages: 170 Size: 21x27cm Paperback ISBN 9780952401995


This book is a spectacular celebration of Manx gardens and the gardeners who created them. Beautifully illustrated and informatively written.

Manks Flora

Manks Flora

Author: John Callister & Chris Sheard

Pages: 169 Size 15cm x 21cm Paperback


This book provides for the first time a full list of Manx Gaelic names for the flora of the Isle of Man. It makes identifying and finding Manx plant names easy as well as giving a useful guide to their meaning and pronounciation.



Author: Alexander Duncan

Pages: 327 Size: 12x19cm Paperback. ISBN 9781899602971


For Juan Kerruish a boy only ever noticed by the school bullies his world is about to turn upside down. When he meets Bea the Fynoderee a creature thought to exist only in myth he discovers that he carries a message from the past that could change the course of the future.

Mannin for Me

Mannin for Me

Author: John Kitto

Pages: 108 Size: 20x21cm Paperback. ISBN 1873120400


A brief outline of the Island from a come-over's point of view!

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